New YOU?  Don’t think so. YOU are already fabulous because you are YOU!

New YOU?  No. Same YOU but with new changes.

It’s a new year, so we feel the call to make resolutions, create goals, set intentions and then… we  feel we’ve failed when the result isn’t what we expected! Were you really true to yourself when you set that goal or intention?

Approach 2019 with an attitude that aligns with YOU! Not what is expected or simply the norm.  It is TIME FOR CHANGE. Do not dismiss new approaches. After all, it is a new  year!

There is a lot of information and different perspectives out there regarding dating, relationships and love. Sometimes we dismiss what’s unfamiliar, but it is time to try the NEW!  Stepping out of  one’s comfort zone is stepping into one’s greatness!

NEW can make us feel uncomfortable.

NEW can be frightening.

NEW can bring tremendous uncertainty.


On the flipside,

NEW can mean ____new adventures,

___________________new possibilities,

______________________________new hopes,

_______________________________________new opportunities

___________________________________________________and so much more!

SO,  get out of the ROUTINE. Get out of the “I usually”, “I always…” Neuroscience confirms that changing things up is healthy!  Sticking to your resolutions, goals, intentions is admirable of course, but up your game to include a new perspective! See things a different way to get different results.

Say HELLO to the NEW! Not a brand new YOU,  but a brand NEW openness to embracing a NEW way to look at relationships.

CHALLENGE: when it comes to dating and relationships what NEW approach, NEW attitude, NEW style, NEW anything are you going to try?

Here we GO 2019… Game on!  NEW is key! Can you do it?


Need help letting go of the old and embracing the new?

ABSOLUTELY can help!

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