Ah February- the time of the year that puts hearts in your face no matter where you go! Hearts everywhere-  the checkout of your local grocery store, favorite coffee shop, even the vet. The pressure is on! Find love in the next few weeks or stare “failure” in the face, jump on the “I hate Valentine’s Day” bandwagon or act too cool to care. This year, slow your roll to despair and let the happy couples wait in anticipatory giddiness. Cheers to them and to you as well!

No lecture here, no positive thinking mantra or scheduled self-reflection time. This February, the challenge is to lighten up…RELAX! It is simply just not your time yet. So rather than lamenting, spiraling down a deep hole , attending a V-Day bashing party-treat YOURSELF. Buy yourself the decadent chocolate heart, the red velvet cupcake, that special red dress or fantastic red tie. February 14th will pass!  Instead of black balling it, welcome it. Your positive attitude towards this simple holiday will open you to receiving the love that IS out there for you! Stay open to happiness and who knows what next February will bring, so practice positively this year. After all, preparation and practice is the key to success!

Happy love month! Treat yourself! And do share in the comments. ABSOLUTELY would love to hear about how great you made your Valentine’s Day.

Still stuck in the Valentine’s Day Dumps? ABSOLUTELY is here! Reach out…we just may have a plan for you!


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