“It’s Gonna Be Me!”

By October 1, 2018Dating


“A room full of thirty-five plus women and a gentleman or two, all movin’ and groovin’ in synchrony to mostly Latin tunes is NOT exactly a typical Zen moment for most, but for me it totally is just that! Today, the clarity of just exactly how effortless my fairly new relationship is totally fills my heart as I swoop, swirl and salsa to the likes of Pitbull and Daddy Yankee.
Yes- totally effortless from the start, even though a “specification” or two I had in mind for a perfect match wasn’t in the picture! Huh…I pondered through my squats and body rolls (yes…I said body rolls), who would have thunk? How could I be so absolutely happy and emotionally fulfilled? As Justin Timberlake’s voice brings me back to focus with “It’s gonna be me”, I realize, my happiness was the result of working on me. My own readiness for a fabulous find in the land of romance was the result of me, of what I am when I do what I love and when I value my worth. Zen moment indeed, right there in a huge room with poor acoustics and lots of sweat.
-true story as told by LD, ABSOLUTELY’s client

Anything can become one’s “ Zen”. When you are filled with inner JOY, good things happen! While waiting for Ms. or Mr. Right, find your Zen! Embrace your JOY!

  • Is it a certain type of workout?
  • A creative outlet?
  • Travel?
  • A cooking class?
  • Concerts or plays?
  • Getting back on that volleyball court?

Whatever it is that brings you to a vibrational high- find it and do it!
Feed thy soul! It will then attract more joy and perhaps become a step closer to attracting the love of your life. “Your vibe draws your tribe” to you- and you may just indeed then find “the one”! That totally effortless, surprisingly perfect “one”.
In the meantime, rather than focusing on the outcome of dating, be JOYful and enjoy the process!

Need guidance in getting to know YOUR vibe?
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