Game On- Again!

 Whether it’s your first race, first game, first climb, first anything…there’s always that mix of excitement, anxiety, challenge, adrenaline rush that gets us pumped and going for the win! But when it’s your twenty-seventh “first” date, not so much. Right? Or maybe it’s your first date in a really, really long time. Your game is off- you haven’t “trained” or been to “practice”, so what do you do?

            Think Positive!

                               Game On!

One of the key steps to getting back into the game of dating is ATTITUDE!

Why is attitude so very important? It is essential for dating success! Your positive attitude is the foundation for all your other successful dating practices. Attitude is your coach- it directs your beliefs, perspectives, habits. It most likely has been influenced by past experiences. So before game time, it is critical to take a deep breath and:

  •  Shake Off the Past Experiences
  •  Shift Fear to Excitement
  •  Change Negativity to Positivity
  •  Open Your Mind to New Potential

 Start fresh. Set the tone for a fabulous, new adventure!  Can you do this? ABSOLUTELY!


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