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We use a clear and customized methodology with a signature approach to guide great singles in finding their special one. We pride ourselves in our mission of connecting hearts while enhancing lives! Are you or someone you know ready to take the action in finding this last piece to fulfillment? We hope the answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

Welcome to Absolutely!

“The Before Your Ever After.”

Absolutely is a signature coaching and matchmaking agency. We help successful and dynamic individuals not only get the best in dating experiences, but also help them to discover their true selves, build confidence and ultimately find their perfect match. At Absolutely, we operate from a standard of excellence. We are an exclusive and professional coaching service offering a very unique and exclusive Introductions option.

Dating Coach/ Life Coach

Move through past heartaches, rediscover your strengths, build confidence and adjust old attitudes. Absolutely uses a signature methodology to bring life and relationship success!


Absolutely is recognized for guiding clients through tough decisions with proven life changing solutions.


Getting to know your heart, allows for unique and perfect lifelong connections and a matchmaking solution that is Absolutely perfect for you! We offer a very unique Introductions Option.


Need to inspire or motivate your group? Looking for an expert to delivering that perfect message? Absolutely will move your audience to new levels with a customized approach.

“You are my go to when I need someone to talk me through something. I do not know where I’d be without you. You point me in the right direction with my own thoughts and words, I don’t know how I’d get to the answers I do without talking to you. You helped me take BIG steps and be confident without telling me what to do! It’s been something I will never forget. You know how to make someone take the right path even if you stumble on the wrong one. You know how to get us back ………..I mean I wouldn’t be where I am without you, I swear! ”

M.B. MadisonWisconsin

“Asta Timm taught me the importance of nurturing oneself and the positive power of stepping out of one’s comfort zone as you discover exactly how fabulous YOU are! Only then will you attract exactly who and what you need in a relationship! As the Rolling Stones say “ you can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometimes you get what you NEED! “ Thanks Asta for opening my eyes to that truth. ”

L.D. LisleIllinois

“ I must say, you truly helped me get through the deep struggle of panic when it all hit! Even through rebounds, you did not judge me or criticize me but understood my feelings. That was HUGE knowing I was taking a few small steps back at times. The very first assignment was the hardest for me but also the best thing I could have ever done to realize some deep issues. The pushing me to do things alone that I never would do! I’m still a work in progress with all this, but I’m sticking with my deal breakers and boundaries NOW! Thank you.”

KM, OregonWisconsin

“Thanks to Asta, I am a new man. At one point of my life, I was a man in a bubble and surrounded by walls. I had no way out. I was afraid to do or talk to anyone outside the shell I had created. With her help in coaching, I was able to break that bubble and knock down those walls. I owe her my life! I see the world in a whole new and better way! I’m now able to go out in the world and be the real me!”

G. P.Monona , WI.

“Asta has an uncanny ability to coach a broken heart into one filled with positivity and self confidence. As she's guided me from 1st date prep ( mental and physical - inclusive of what to wear) to many dates thereafter, I feel that I have a true " dating ally" in her. The journey isn't easy....but Asta has my back and is a ferocious sounding board and source of hope. She is truly a priceless individual.”

L.M. RacineWi.